Public Affairs

China Advocate provides clients with balanced policy analysis and insights to help them identify policy and regulatory risks and capture emerging business opportunities.

Strategic Planning

• Policies and issues mapping

• Government relations mapping

• Stakeholder research

• Organization consultancy

<span style=''>Case Study</span> Case Study

Reassessment Study for an R&D Facility of a World’s Top Agricultural Company.

Policy Analysis

• Regular analysis reports

• Political event/issue research

 Real-time warning

• Research on special issues

<span style=''>Case Study One</span> Case Study One

China Advocate has helped a number of top 500 chemical enterprises in the US to understand external policy and regulatory environment that may affect operations and provide periodic reports as a reference for business strategic planning.

<span style=''>Case Study Two</span> Case Study Two

China Advocate has drafted Chinese and English consultive papers for several Global 500 enterprises for key stakeholders.

Government Relations

• Government meeting materials

• Answers to open consultation

• CEOs China briefs

• Meeting & investment investigation

<span style=''>Case Study</span> Case Study

Public Affairs Services for a World’s Leading FMCG Company

Other Services

• Government relations training

• Issue Advocacy

• Government oriented brand comms

• Reputation platform building

<span style=''>Case Study One</span> Case Study One

China Advocate has provided government relations and crisis management consultation for two chemical industry associations

<span style=''>Case Study Two</span> Case Study Two

For a well-known scientific service group, conduct research on the overall image of the brand in China, issue insight and analysis reports, draft communication information, and set the tone and direction of communication in the next three years; for major events such as the China Advocate has carried out integrated communications for a technology company, covering government, media, customers, and downstream industries.