Reassessment Study for an R&D Facility of a World’s Top Agricultural Company

This global leading company has one of its global R&D centers located in Beijing, focusing on sensitive GMO products. In prior months the R&D center had received a series of rejections to its applications to conduct research projects in China. Government officials were reluctant to speak publicly about the reasons for the rejections and any possible regulatory change. Furthermore, internally, different parts of the company have different views and interpretations of events.


We helped to conduct an investigation on regulatory changes that are potentially affecting the company’s license to operate for the R&D center. It thus allowed the company to make strategic decisions regarding the future direction of the company’s operations in China. Our third-party perspective also helped the company reassess and validate internal systems for government relations and intelligence gathering. Following the intelligence and counsel, the company revamped its government relations systems and is now taking more proactive measures for influencing government policy in priority areas.

• Policies and issues mapping

• Government relations mapping

• Stakeholder research

• Organization consultancy


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