Risk Management

China Advocate provides customized crisis management services that combine offense and defense to help our clients manage external risk and uncertainty.

Building Crisis Management Systems

<span style=''>Case Study</span> Case Study

China Advocate conducted desk research and internal interviews covering national and industrial policies and common crises in the client’s industry, as well as drawing on the best crisis management practices of other companies.

Timely Crisis Response

<span style=''>Case Study One</span> Case Study One

China Advocate has managed two major crises for an internationally renowned airline, relating to an internal employee dispute and a plane crash, respectively.

<span style=''>Case Study Two</span> Case Study Two

China Advocate managed a crisis related to African Swine Fever for a nationally-renowned food enterprise.

Management of Complex Issues

<span style=''>Case Study</span> Case Study

China Advocate advised a well-known domestic early education institution on how to handle a chain reaction of events triggered by land expropriation and demolition.